Greg de Villiers


Cape Town


Buenos Aires

Greg de Villiers is a food and lifestyle photographer, currently based in Cape Town, a city with a heady creative beat underneath its sun-loving and easy-going exterior. An accidental (but insatiable) traveler since graduating from Rhodes university in 2003, Greg has travelled and worked in a good few corners of this world, but couldn't be happier to be back in the shadow of Table Mountain. Having lived in Latin America for six years, he developed a strong client base in Lima, and Buenos Aires, and continues to return as often as possible to work, and eat.

He is still not sure why he is talking about himself in the third person.

It's a little bit odd.

My focus is the production of fine food photography for editorial and advertising purposes, enriched by a passion to explore and document the infinitely varied global food culture - from production to preparation to consumption to waste - which, along with art and music, is among the richest forms of communicating and understanding worlds foreign to our own.




Print and online:

Taste Magazine, Art Culinaire, The Latin Kitchen, Fodor's, Rough Guides, Cosas, Cosas Hombre, Hemispheres, Jetsetter, Must magazine, Tourism Argentina, The Mail and Guardian, The New Worlder

Editorial Elefante, Editorial Planeta Uruguay, Editorial Planeta Lima

Restaurants and more:

President Hotel, KO Asian Kitchen, Osaka Inc, Barrio, Gin'ca gin company, Malabar, Osso, Crika, MAC (Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Lima), La Mar Lima, Astrid y Gaston Casa Moreyra


Guide to the Wine and Wineries of Uruguay 2012

Guía Racimos | Guide to the wines and Wineries of Uruguay 2014 (3rd place in category Best New World Wine Book, Gourmand Awards)







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